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With 12 years of experience in Big Tech, we provide consultancy and advisory services for product managers, product teams and startup founders.We helped 40+ product managers to get hired, promoted or get better at their product management or product leadership roles in major international tech companies.Based in Luxembourg 🇱🇺

We can help with

✨ Resume review

We share templates, effective tools and techniques to increase resume conversion rates.

🎤 Interview prep

We helped over 40 product managers and leaders to land dream jobs at international tech companies.

🚀 Team coaching

We help teams to improve how they solve customer problems and decide which problems to solve. We audit and develop transformation strategies.

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✨ Resume review

We reviewed 1000+ resumes. We know exactly how to pass ATS filters and how to get recruiters and hiring managers to know that you're the candidate they need.We have the insider's perspective of what top employers in the tech sector are scouting for. With this knowledge, we provide strategic advice and adjustments to your resume, ensuring it:

  • Passes automated filters

  • Grabs recruiter and hiring manager attention

  • Accurately captures the essence of your unique experience

  • Maximizes chances of a conversion to an interview

Your skills, experience, and potential are unique. They deserve to be showcased in the best light.

We will help to elevate your resume from the commonplace to the extraordinary, allowing your professional profile to truly shine amidst the competition.

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🎤 Interview prep

We interviewed hundreds people for various product and tech roles at Amazon. We have an insider perspective to provide you with strategic advice and conduct mock interviews that simulate real-life scenarios.

Our expertise is in career transitions, relocations and upleveling. We know how to showcase your unique experiences and skills effectively.

  • Career transitions

  • Relocations

  • Upleveling

We aim to instill confidence in your ability to handle any interview scenario.

We believe that everyone's journey, skills, and potential are unique, and this uniqueness should be your strength, not a hurdle.

© Nikita Sharaev, 2024